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Cilicia, Diokaisarea, Caracalla, 198-217 AD, AE 31.85 mm (21.15 gm.). Obv.: Laureate bust of Caracalla, AVTOK KAI M AV ANTΩNEINOC CEB. Rev.: Athena, riding quadriga, holding thunderbolt and snake-fringed shield, AΔP ΔIOKAICAPEΩN. SNG Levante 673 (same eagle-countermark, same dies but not the thunderbolt-countermark); Howgego 337 (for same two countermarks on one coin).

Hmm, snake-fringed shield!  Now that is compelling symbology.  I think one must climb deep into the minds of the ancients to figure that one out!

Isn't that an Aegis?

Perseus gave  the gorgon head to Athena, and Hermes inserted the head in the middle of her shield.


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