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Tonegawa Collection.

As continuation to the previous messages, we emphasize some already important coins reloaded in better quality:

The images of the gold coins of the Emirate of Granada

Dinar of the year 389H minted in Fez in the name of Hisam II. It is the only one known dinar minted in Fez in the name of an Umayyad of al-Andalus.

Dinar of the year 440 minted in Malaga in the name of Hammudid’s Muhammad al-Mahdi

Dinares of the years 427 and 430 minted in Ceuta in the name of Hammudid’s  Idris I.

Dinar of the year 399H minted in al-Andalus in the name of Hisam II. The last dinar califal before the fitna.

In addition to a lot of Caliphals and Taifas dinars.

Use its freely at your choice.



Silver coins from Valencia (Spain)


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