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Carinus OTD


This purty little guy arrived this afternoon...

Ex Forum. Silvered antoninianus, RIC -, EF, 4.94g, 24.6mm, 180o, Ticinum mint, obverse M AVR CARINVS NOB C, radiate draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse PRINCIPI IVVENTVT, Carinus standing left holding standard and spear, IXXI? in exergue; struck with damaged die (exergue); very rare

Variety not listed in RIC. RIC lists holding globe and spear and other similar types, but not the combination of spear and standard.

Not too shabby...


     Very nice coin!  
     There were three similar specimens in the Venera Hoard, nos. 338-40, pl. 7, with VXXI in exergue.
      Another possibility would be VIXXI in exergue, though there were none such with this IVVENTVT abbreviation in Venera.
      The V's in these cases are written more like II, explaining the apparent reading I on Evan's coin.
      RIC 177 is the same as your coin, except that it has IVVENT not IVVENTVT in rev. legend.

Thanks Curtis! Do you have the specifics on the Venera hoard? ie. Total number of coins, total number of Carinus ants. etc?
I tried searching the web, but only found books that cost an arm and a leg...


Very nice, had an eye on it myself. Would have made a nice pair with my other unpublished Carinus:

                                       LordBest. 8)

      The hoard contained 46,371 coins, Gord. III-Diocletian and Maximian.
      The volume covering the end of the hoard, reigns of Carus etc. and Diocletian, includes 7782 coins.


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