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Cleaning and restoration at a Ptolemaic produced amazing results



An extremely well-preserved temple dedicated to the Egyptian god Khnum, associated with fertility and water, has been undergoing extensive cleaning and restoration. Hieroglyphs on the temple show that it was used for around 400 years, the time between Ptolemy VI (reign 180 B.C. to 145 B.C.) and the Roman emperor Decius (reign A.D. 249 to 251). The temple is located at Esna, a city in southern Egypt that is about 37 miles, or 60 kilometers south of Luxor.

To me it is simply astounding to see the temple interior as the ancient Egyptians of the Ptolemaic and Roman Imperial periods had seen it. Intriguingly, a hoard has been found behind the temple, consisting of 286 coins dating to the reigns of 19 different rulers of the Islamic Period, as well as foreign coins from Armenia dating to the reign of Leon II (c. AD 1236-1289).




Beautiful capitals from the temple now showing their original colours and medieval Islamic coins found behind the temple.


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