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Roman Fire Starter or Razor

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Joe Sermarini:
This object came on consignment identifying it as a Roman fire starter. Surprisingly, this is the first fire starter I have handled. I expect it is genuine but I do not know the date or if it is a type attributed to any particular region. I don't recall seeing one like it in any of my references. Anyone know it? References? Thanks.

Pekka K:
Similar item was discussed here:

Pekka K

Lech Stępniewski:
Assuming that it is really a fire starter, how it was used?

Joe Sermarini:
Along the long straight edge there was a slot in the bronze and a piece of iron was attached there, held by squeezing (hammering) the bronze to hold it. The iron would have been struck on a flint.

Joe Sermarini:
The bronze is 4.1 mm thick where the iron would have been held. There are remnants of iron(?) in the slit. Do fire starters ever hold flint? 


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