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Verbe (Yelten) Pisidia - searching for more Informations

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Prieure de Sion:

maybe someone can help me. i am looking for more information about the ancient city of "Verbe". I've been searching for 2 days now, but I can't find any major information on the net.

The only thing I have found so far are rough localisations:

And that Verbe is probably located near the present-day village of "Yelten". But apart from that, nothing. Has it been possible to locate the town in the meantime? Have excavations taken place? Does anyone know anything about the history of the town?

The problem after too long a search is often that you get lost and end up finding nothing. That's why I'm turning to you. Does anyone know more? Does anyone have any other informative links?


In this publication Verbe is mentioned several times:

and I think you have seen the RPC coins:

Prieure de Sion:

--- Quote from: shanxi on February 26, 2023, 05:54:04 am ---In this publication Verbe is mentioned several times:

--- End quote ---

Hello and thank you Ralf, I had forgotten to mention that I (also) already know this publication. Unfortunately, there are only superficial things in it and nothing about the city and its history itself.

--- Quote from: shanxi on February 26, 2023, 05:54:04 am ---and I think you have seen the RPC coins:

--- End quote ---

Yes, that i the reason why i ask for the city.

This was my coin:

And i published it yesterday at RPC.

"Berbe" is an alternative name for the ancient city of "Verbe". Unfortunately, information about the history of the town is scanty.


1. Location-Name

In Antiquity, Berbe was a town in SW Pisidia. It was located in the Taurus Valley, near Andeda. It has been identified with a small ancient settlement at the modern village of Yelten (formerly known as Yerten), which lies 8 km to the SE of Pogla and 3 km to the south of Andeda.

An inscription found in Andeda confirms the vicinity of Berbe. The inscription refers to a high priest, who was a citizen of Andeda but also a priest in Berbe. That topographical information is documented by Hierocles.

Berbe is not mentioned by ancient sources. On inscriptions and coins dated to the Imperial period the national name Ourbianon occurs. However, the name of the ancient city cannot be restored with certainty. Nevertheless, later sources attest the names Barbe and Berbe.

2. History-Archaeology

Information about the history of the town is scanty. Inscriptions testify the presence of a boule and a demos in the Imperial period, as well as of games. Berbe participated in the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

The town issued coins for the first time during Commodus’ reign (180-192) and continued until the mid-3rd century. The tendency to represent certain deities on the reverse, as well as their references on inscriptions is considered an indication for their cult in Berbe.

Only very few ruins are visible nowadays around Yelten, such as stone blocks, bases and reliefs.

Prieure de Sion:
Wow thats perfekt! Thanks so much!


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