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Roman Empire from 395 - 803 AD


Virgil H:
Not sure where to put this. This book is a reprint of an 1889 work called A History of the Later Roman Empire
From Arcadius to Irene (395 A.D. to 800 A.D) in two volumes. I am really curious how this may have held up over time from anyone familiar with the work. What caught my attention is it seems to recognize that the Byzantine Empire is indeed the continuation of the Roman Empire. We had a discussion about this in another section of the board recently, that the name Byzantine Empire is somewhat artificial.

The blurb for Volume 2 is as follows. The blurb for Volume 1 is similar. Looks interesting to say the least and a part of history I am woefully deficient in.

The classical historian J. B. Bury (1861–1927) was the author of a history of Greece which was a standard textbook for over a century. He also wrote on later periods, and, in this two-volume work of 1889, examines Byzantine history from 395 to 800. Arguing for the underlying continuity of the Roman empire from the time of Augustus until 1453, Bury nevertheless begins his account in the year in which, on the death of Theodosius I, the empire was divided into eastern and western parts, and Constantinople began to take on the metropolitan role formerly held by Rome. Volume 2, after reviewing Justinian's legacy, takes the history down from the accession of Justin II to the death of Irene in 803. Topics examined include civil strife, including the period of iconoclasm, and the increasing problems of maintaining the imperial borders against incursions from both east and west.



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