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Nerva Sestertius with incredible provenance

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A member of the forum gave me the hint of the work of Ex-Nvmis, a company that checks provenances of coins. They found some provenances  which I did not know  ☺

Roman Empire, Nerva Sestertius Concordia
Obv. IMP NERVA CAES AVG P M TR P COS II DESIGN III P P, laureate head right.
Rev. CONCORDIA EXERCITVVM S C, clasped hands in front of legionary standard.
Mint: Rome, 96-98 AD.

33.5mm 26.40g

RIC 70

This coin published in I.G. Mazzini, Monete Imperiali Romane (Milan, 1957-1958);
Ex Áureo & Calicó, Auction 311, 31 May 2018, lot 42;
Ex Classical Numismatic Group, Electronic Auction 156, 17 January 2007, lot 173;
Ex Classical Numismatic Group, Mail Bid Sale 67, 22 September 2004, lot 1402;
Ex Tony Hardy Collection;
Ex Numismatica Ars Classica, Auction 18/K, 29 March 2000, lot 1712.
Ex Giuseppe Mazzini (1883-1961) Collection.
Ex M. Ratto, Paris, Auction 4, 11 March 1933, lot 226.
Ex Ars Classica S.A, Lucerne, Auction 8, 25 June 1924, lot 799.
Ex Collection C.S. Bement.
Ex Rolin & Feuardent, Paris, Auction 11 June 1913, lot 517.
Ex Collection G. Burel.


Joe Sermarini:
Beautiful coin!

Thank you very much, Joe  +++

Jay GT4:

Nice coin and very impressive pedigree.




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