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Maximianus PAX AVGGG from London...struck by Carausius


Victor C:
A.D. 291
24mm 3.8g
IMP C MAXIMIANVS P F AVG; radiate and cuirassed bust right
PAX AVGGG; Pax stg. l., holding olive branch and sceptre; S-P across fields.
In ex. MLXXI
RIC Vii London 34

This type from London was struck for Diocletian and Maximianus by Carausius, which is why the reverse legend ends with AVGGG. Carausius was hoping that Diocletian and Maximianus would recognize him as a co-ruler; which did not happen. It also has XXI in the exergue, which is a mark of value- probably 20 parts bronze to 1 part silver.

Ex Shlomo Moussieff collection


The three emperors series is a favourite of mine,  as some probably know.  A nice example of the type. Two further references,  including my publication,  are Bourne 19, and Carson 12.




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