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Woman buys ancient Roman bust at Goodwill for 34 bucks


David Fischer:
This story has been making the rounds lately:

It seems that the bust was looted by an allied soldier in Germany during WWII, and brought back to the US. It was probably donated to Goodwill when he died. I found this story especially interesting because I used to work for Goodwill in their online auctions department. We would comb through all of the donations that came in looking for antiques, jewelry, art, and other valuables that could fetch a higher price online. I can attest to the fact that when WWII veterans die, their families often take all of their belongings and dump them at Goodwill without a second thought. I found so many Third Reich artifacts, beautiful pieces of jewelry, original artwork, guns, etc., that clearly came from a recently deceased veteran's estate and it always blew my mind that people would toss that stuff out so cavalierly.


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