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Virgil H:
Ron C2,
Yes, it is hard. I just spent 30 minutes trying to find two galleries I look at a lot and can't find either. Not sure the name and searching by coin category didn't help. Clicking Members Gallery returns a thumbnail list not in alphabetical order and with no real indication of what is in the gallery. Searching by coin type brings up single coin results. Clicking on that brings up that coin. Trying to get to the index of a given person's gallery is elusive for me and I finally gave up. There are two galleries heavy on Elymais coins I have looked at many times, always from a link in a post and I would probably nominate one of them, but damned if I can remember who owns them. I can find neither tonight. No big deal, but I find the galleries hard to navigate unless I am clicking on a specific link someone provided. This is especially true it seems when I am looking for a gallery and not a specific coin where I don't care whose gallery it is in. Frustrating.


Jay GT4:
When looking at a coin you can easily see the members gallery by clicking their name.  This will bring you to their gallery main page that usually has folders in it.  See the arrow.

Jay GT4:
You will then be taken to a page that looks like this where you can browse that specific members folders and coins:

Dominic T:
Thanks for the tutorial Jay. I have to agree with Virgil; I gave up years ago doing research with the galleries. I still don’t understand why I can’t find the owners of many examples in the gallery…

Jay GT4:
I believe the ones with no owners names are from people who are no longer members of Forum.


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