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A Roman moneyer in training?

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Jan P:
What happened here?
Was this piece struck by a Roman moneyer in trainig?
Was the moneyers' sonny in the officina?

Subject of this topic is a strange Roman silver coin:
Double struck, hybrid and under weight for the Denarius it should be.

Obvers: Nero
Neck hair and back of head repeated under angle.

Revers: Vespasian RIC1395 - Titus & Domitian
Domitian and "AVG" under remarkable angel

Weight: 2,56 g. However the metal seems solid and there is no trace of "fourrée".

This piece should never have left the officina! But it did.
Here it is:

Jan P:
I wonder what the small circle upon Neros' head is there for?

Ron C2:
What is the time difference between the obverse and reverse? Many hybrids are unofficially struck outside the approved mint.

Jan P:
Hello Ron C2,
Let's say the Denarius type Nero bearheaded around 60 AD.
The Vespasian RIC 1395 = 69-70 AD.
Say, 10 years in between.
At its earliest the piece must be struck under Vespasians' reign.

Ron C2:
With that spread, the odds of it being from an official mint are remote, in my view.


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