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field monograms on cappadocian king coins?

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When it comes to dating ancient coins, one reference is Dated Coins of Antiquity, by Edward Cohen (CNG, Lancaster PA, 2011). Your coin is listed as DCA #454 and Simonetta 23.13a, with the regnal year ΓΛ (described as "Greek Additive dates") in the exergue = 131/130 BC. Sadly, there is only the most meager discussion of the issue you raised on Simonetta vs. Morkholm.

I have a pseudo-Seleucid tetradrachm of Ariathes VII imitating Antiochos VII. It was apparently convincing enough that Newell assigns it to Antiochos VII (Newell SMA #298). Newell discusses magistrates and mint marks at length, tracing the usage of controls like ⍋ over generations of magistrates and finally cites it as a mint mark (in the literal sense), going full circle.  You'll note that the abundance of controls A Λ and variants in this coinage (see graphic).  The Seleukid reference SC is replete with appendices on dating and imitations, but doesn't cross over into Cappadocia.

Ron C2:
Thanks Chris,

For most of the coinage of Ariarathes iv and v, the regnal dates work.  Specifically for ΓΛ, they appear not to make sense, and Mørkholm describes that perfectly across hi published work.

I suspect study of cappadiocian king coinage is likely not pursued by many, and there may be no more recent work on the subject. Unfortunately.

I would look at ityself, if I had a larger sample size, but even online imagery of these coins is scant.

There is some more recent work by Catharine Lorber, Elke Krengel and some others: (only accessible via JSTOR) (only accessible via JSTOR) (not yet available online :-\)

As far as I remember monograms are always playing a role as a grouping criterion, but there are no further explanations.

Perhaps this helps :).



I remember some years ago that Mørkholm and Simonetta disagreed with one another about Cappadocian coinage.  The disagreement turned into a real feud and got rather nasty.


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