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Torex Coin Show - Toronto


I see that the Torex show plans to proceed on February 26 and 27.

I haven't been to Torex in many years; is there a reasonable showing of ancient dealers?

Is anybody here planning on attending?


Jay GT4:
Hi Evan.  The last email I got from Torex is that they're waiting to see what will happen in the next few weeks with covid numbers. There are usually at least 3 ancient dealers at the show.  I attended the last one and I thought it was run very safely.

From the email:

"TOREX will announce whether the February 26 & 27 TOREX Coin Show will go ahead soon after the Ontario government updates the province on January 26. My hope is that things will improve by then, restrictions will be lifted, and TOREX will be able to host a fun and safe February event. Stay tuned!"

Perhaps I'll float this back to the top given that this is next weekend (and apparently has not been cancelled). Maybe a mod can move this to Ancient Coins, where it might get more exposure?



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