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Hi all,

A few months back I bought this tiny coin and the description was English metal detector find and medieval - I have searched post Roman UK coins covering the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and whilst stylistically it does seem to fit I cannot work out what this is? If anybody can point me in the right direction or read any of the available legends it would be most appreciated



HUNGARY, LUDWIG I. 1342-1382 AD.
AR Denar.
Head of Saracen, Double-barred cross


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HUNGARY, LUDWIG I. 1342-1382 AD.
AR Denar.
Head of Saracen, Double-barred cross

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Thank you for this, never expected it to be from Hungary so it’s certainly something different


I have no information about this particular coin or who/where you bought it from.

But I will say that several "dealers" from UK (and also from the Netherlands), mainly people who list on Ebay, use "local metal detecting find" to obscure the real origin of coins.

You can tell this by looking over their entire listings.  While a few odd coin finds have been officially documented in the UK through the PAS system - including Ptolemaic coins, Byzantine coins, Greek Imperials, etc. these are very few in number.  When a dealer claims UK detector find but their stock consists of Byzantine, Greek Imperial from Balkan cities, Roman Imperial all from Balkans mints, and East European medieval coins - they are lying.  Those coins were not found in the UK by detectorists.

Again, I have no idea of the details of this case but don't be fooled into believing that by such claims are necessarily true.


This hungarian coin-type is always described as "head of saracen". Why would the king of Hungary display a head of Saracen on coins bearing his name? For the legend is +MONETA LODOVICI on both sides.
This "Saracen" is more a black African man with conspicuous Bantu features, exactly like the 13th c. statue of Saint Maurice in the Magdeburg cathedral. Coins of Vienna (France, not Austria) in the 12th c. displayed the same head wearing a crown with the legend + S.MAVRICIVS. ( ). One of the first abbeys founded in Hungary was the abbey of Bakonybél devoted to Saint Maurice.
This coin-type is probably not a "Saracen", but a most venerated relic, the head of Saint Maurice.


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