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trying to find a Ptolemy super thick beveled coin type I missed out on

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About 10 years ago I missed out on buying a coin, and I've really regretted it.  It was a not huge (it was maybe low 30s mm diameter), but it was SUPER THICK and had a beveled edge.  I had to choose between a late Republican denarius and this.  The camel denarius won out that day.

Although I can't find it in the store search to show you, I super recently bought a Forum one which might just be that type.  Although I don't think it's the same exact coin, the Forum one seems to fit what I remembered.

GP97579. Bronze tetrobol, Lorber CPE B275, Svoronos 505 (8 spec.), Weiser 28, SNG Milan 552, BMC Ptolemies -, SNG Cop -, Hosking -, Noeske -, Malter -, VF, nice dark green patina, thick tight flan, porosity, obverse edge beveled, central depressions, Alexandria mint, weight 45.469g, maximum diameter 33.0mm, die axis 0o, c. 260 - 246 B.C.; obverse horned head of Zeus Ammon right, wearing taenia; reverse ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ, eagles standing left on a thunderbolt, wings open, head left, Y/T monogram between legs; from a New England collector, Coin Archives records only one sale of this type in the past two decades; very rare;

Are there any other types which fit the super thick and beveled description?

I have a very thick Ptolemaic coin that I have yet to identify it.  It is 48.6 grams, 35mm diameter and a full 9 mm thick!  (I will post an image later but my camera/phone is out of charge.)

But it appears different from the one you refer to as the reverse has only one eagle, wings folded.

I have larger drachmae, 41-42 mm diameter, that are only 6.5-7 mm thick so the 35mm/9mm thick one really stands out.


The one I saw that day was outrageously thick, like nothing I had ever seen before.  It could barely fit in the flip.  I'd say it was at least 15 mm. thick, if not more.  I don't recall what the reverse was.

It's been ages since I was a regular, but wasn't there a member c. 2010 who was really into the Ptolemaic series?

The Forum coin is cool in hand (very speedy service), but I don't think it's the same one.  The mists of time play tricks, but I was just gobsmacked how thick that one was.  I should have bought it, but had to choose between one or the other.

I think there was a minor goof on the Antoninus Drachm part of the order, there's no way this thing is 39.9 mm., probably a typo for 34 or 35, but I'm happy enough.


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