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Constantine? Contantius? Spock?

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My eyes are making things difficult, but three things on this coin are playing tricks on me: The name, the mint and the ear. Is the pointy ear an homage to Vulcan or a prophesy of Spock?

Two soldiers with standard; GLORIA EXERCITVS


GLORI-A EXERC-ITVS  --//PARL  (1 standard)
Arelate AD 337-341

Pekka K:

G on standard -> LRBC 441.

Pekka K

Thanks guys, that nails the name and mint. Now for the Spock ears. Wildwinds has at least two of the same series, same mint, but normal ears:

So is this an optical illusion, encrustation, die chip, a nod to Mercury, or something else? It looks deliberate

And Pekka K, did they ever decode what these letters in the standards relate to?

Pekka K:

Handbook of LRBC types, 324 - 395 gives:

N on standard Early 340,
I on standard Mid to late 340, (First issue without Constantine II)
G on standard Late 340 to Mid 341.

Pekka K


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