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2021 Gallery of the year!

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Jay GT4:
Well, nobody has started this thread yet, so I will.

Let's have nominations for gallery of the year!

I will start by nominating orfew's gallery:

Since David Atherton and my own galleries have already won for our Flavian collections, it's only right that Andrew gets nominated for his!  The focus on rare Domitians is invaluable.

i'll second that

great coin here

Ron C2:
Along the theme of notable specialist galleries, I'll nominate Paul "PMah" for his Roman Republican gallery found here:

The gallery seems to be well documented and referenced, and while I am not a collector of the Republican era, I appreciate the many fine examples he's amassed for our perusal.

I'll second that.  Pmah's gallery has been useful in understanding my very few Republican coins.

It is a great resource.


Ron C2:
Just giving this a little bump. Lots of deserving gallery curators out there, all nominations are welcome, and a handful of nominees would be great.


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