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Coin backgrounds - black, white, or? What do you prefer and why?

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Blayne W:
Peter  that is a good point.  I may have to try that.  I seem to have a lot of trouble shooting with a white background.  It always seems my white turns creamy in my photos and then cleaning up the background inevitably ends up in me trimming the edges of coins.  With my poor photography skills and temperament shooting with a black background has been my goto.  I really need to take some photography courses....

Ron C2:

--- Quote from: PeterD on December 04, 2021, 01:23:06 pm ---Ron, Why don't you shoot your pictures on a blue or green background.

--- End quote ---

That's not a bad idea. I had not thought of that.

Or I could bite the bullet and suspend the coin on glass and light the background separately. But my current setup is a lot easier to set up with less fuss. I prop the coin above an index card using a blob of rodico to give coin edges more definition.

Will advise how a colored background works on my next shoot :)

Virgil H:
It is funny, I do not like any of the black background photos in this thread compared to the white. LOL. Not that they are bad photos, but the black totally distracts me and pulls my eye away from the coin. Regarding Shawn's book, I am reading it now (full review to come for a super good book) and the photos are outstanding. I cannot imagine black backgrounds surrounded by white pages and black text doing justice to these images. I date myself, but when I see black backgrounds I fully expect to see red letters, in my opinion the worst combination the Internet ever came up with.



--- Quote from: Jay GT4 on December 03, 2021, 09:58:37 pm ---Personally I like black backgrounds.  With silver the edges can be washed out by over exposure on white.  Similarly, with black the edges can be lost due to under exposure.  But I just like the look of black.  It pops.

--- End quote ---

I'm with Jay. All my gallery photos used to be on white backgrounds and I like them much better since changing the backgrounds to black. But really its a case of each to their own.


I use a white background for the original edited image of the obverse and reverse, but i also save an image with grey background for my website and Flickr and a black background for my Forvm gallery. I just think that the grey background works better with my website.

If i had to choose a favorite background it would be black.



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