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New Page on Danubian Rider plaques

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I have created a new page on the so-called Danubian Rider lead votive plaques.

I hope it sheds some light on these mysterious objects.


interesting article, thanks for that. Something I was only vaguely familiar with. I was in Arles a bit ago and remember something like that a museum. They seem to trigger the recollection that the speculation was that they might have been given as a memorial/gift/token to veterans or veterans had them made, maybe I am mis remembering......

Joe Sermarini:
I added the full size images. Click on the photos to see the larger images.

Thanks for the very interesting article Shawn.

Brilliant article, Shawn.  Without it, I wouldn't have known about these lead votive plaques at all, despite having haunted museums across Europe. The curatorship here is a huge help, with a breakdown of these plaques into sections, each having a description. 

I found Roman, or at least Romanesque, plaques online...

Great New Page, Shawn, and Joe...

 You can find some nice pieces in my gallery...




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