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How (and why) do you collect Ancient Coins

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Joe Sermarini:
Welcome to the discussion Wayne S.

I collect them because I am interested in the history, find them neat and relatively affordable.  My resources are split between my specialty record collection and coins.  Although I went through a fallow period in which I didn't buy many new coins, I haven't lost interest.

While I managed to pick up many rare types, many would consider my collection to be fair to middling, as many of those are only in Fine condition.

I did recently hop back into somewhat active collecting by buying some from Forum and a couple of XF Rome style Antioch Philip Tetradrachms from France.  I've always really loved that particular issue.

The coins I buy are what makes me happy, which is all one really could ask of a hobby.

You can ask more than that, I think.  The late Professor Henry Clay Lindgren, who wrote with authority on ancient coins, was a psychologist as well as a collector and dealer.  It was his opinion that hobbies could help keep you sane in unsettled times.  To hold in your hand ancient artifacts passed along by our predecessors ( if merely in "fine" condition) is a reminder that trouble is nothing new.  Best wishes, Jim C., Perpetual Non-Poster 


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