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:star: Announcing a new gallery:  Medieval Coins in the Christian A. Thomsen Collection :star: 

Yes, this is a play on the collection and the book (Medieval Coins in the Christian J. Thomsen Collection, by Kristian Erslev, Attic Books, NY, 1992).  That title was previously published as Catalogue de la collection de monnaies de feu Christian Jurgensen Thomsen, part two (1873).

My medieval coin collection follows just a handful of regions within Europe and related issues in Crusader lands.  Coins date from around 800 AD to 1600 AD, and only consists of hammered coinage.

Links to this gallery... (updated Feb. 2022)
|Anglo-Gallic The English kings and lords in France.
|British Anglo-Saxon, Viking, and English (Norman, Plantagenet, Lancaster, York, Tudor).
|Carolingian Kings and lords in France, Germany, Switzerland and northern Italy in the eighth to tenth centuries.
|Crusader Achaia, Antioch, Athens, Cyprus, Eprius, Jerusalem, Cyprus, Rhodes, and Tripoli.
|France Capetian, Feudal, and Valois.
|Nordic Danish and Hiberno-Norse.

The first installment in my Medieval coinage series is British Coinage.  The ancient coinage (Celtic and Romano-British) are covered in other galleries. The medieval series includes Anglo-Saxon and related issues.  To make short work of it, here's a virtual tray of my British coinage, following the royal line.  Click the thumbnail to see an enlarged version.  There are still a couple of gaps to fill, on my want list.

Great Virtual Tray... +++


Virgil H:
I love that virtual tray!


Just added to my member gallery: thirty Crusader coins.  You will find them here.  Mints include Achaia, Antioch, Athens, Cyprus, Eprius, Jerusalem, Cyprus, Rhodes, and Tripoli.

I struggled to come up with a meaningful virtual tray, going down avenues that proved fruitless.  Case in point: the Kingdom of Jerusalem at some points was in exile, and it ended as an appendage, in name only, to the Cypriot kingdom. The literature, such as the Coins of the Crusader States by Malloy, Preston, and Seltman, would do much better than I.


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