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Could this be a fouree? Legit coin bad engraver?


William T2:
I have always wondered about this my knowledge and skill regarding Parthians sharpens, the more suspect this coin looks. I purchased this a couple of years ago. The coin was listed as an S51.31 drachm of Phraates IV minted at the Court mint at Susa.....indeed, it bears this mintmark....however, in looking at the 52.31 and 52.30 examples in both Schatz gallery, as well as examples on, i notice that the mintmark is a lot larger than those coins, and the reverse legend (by what I can tell) looks nothing like the documented examples i have seen. Also, the coin is either dirty, or has some corrosion. I do not detect any seams or anything of the like that would suggest casting. Also, the weight is 3.50 gm...which is lighter than other comparable coins of the type. My immediate thought is a contemporary fouree`....however i could be wrong. If anyone has imput, please let me know.

A better photo, less dark in particular, would be appreciated.
However, from what I can see, there is nothing suspicious about this coin.

S.52.31 see here:

William T2:
Indeed, I do see the similarity with regards to the mintmark (sizewise)  The dirt, encrustations or what have you conceal some of the design elements. I suppose at this point I should do I get rid of the crud or whatever is on the coin, or should i simply leave as is?

Hi William,

I would not worry at this point.  The weight is well within the normal range - my Phraates IV drachms weigh between 2,97gr and 4,06gr, and there are no indications of yours being a fourree coin.  It would indeed help to have better pictures, taken perhaps after you tried some gentle cleaning?  It looks as if there is a good deal of simple dirt that could be removed with a thorough soak in destilled water with a squirt of lemon and the careful application of a wooden toothpick, if possible under a microscope or magnifying glass. If that does not help check the articles on silver cleaning on this Forum, starting with the least aggressive method and proceeding from there if you get no satisfying results.

Good luck with the cleaning,

William T2:
Thank you guys for the replies. I cleaned the coin last night using distilled water, followed up by dipping in acetone twice (keeping the coin in there for a couple hours). The water coupled with the acetone soak, did indeed take off more dirt. It's not completely clean, but at least I can see the detail a little better. Whatever is on there, seems stubborn, likely horn silver.


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