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The Overdue Update to My Gallery Thread

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Hi everyone,

I am finally creating a thread for my gallery after having technically had one for a couple years! I often find it hard to make time for uploading images, but now that all of my Forum purchases are uploaded and about three-quarters of my other major coins are there, too, it's time to at least have the thread going!

I have a few areas of focus for my collecting:

:drop2: The First, and definitely the one I blabber about the most, are Legionary denarii. I collect Antony and Septimius Severus especially, but I intend to expand into Gallienus' legionary antoninianii, Carausius' legionary coinage, provincial legionary coinage, and the non-silver Antony and Severus examples where practical. Essentially, if the coin says "LEG ___ " or refers to a Cohort or Vexillation by name or number, I am interested.

:drop2: Secondly, I enjoy Roman Republican coinage. The symbolism and iconography available is really just amazing. Roman history is what got me interested in ancient coinage. I read Roman histories (including many translated primary texts), and the Roman Republic is a fascinating time. The coinage they produced is so informative of what they experienced and is often beautifully demonstrative of the period.

:drop2: Thirdly, I still like to pick up uncleaned lots from time to time to dig around in for fun. I've actually found some half-way decent coins this way, but it's really more for entertainment than collecting, per se.

I believe I'll start by highlighting a coin from each of these three areas of my gallery (Full-Gallery Here)

:drop2: First we have a Marc Antony legionary denarius featuring Legio XI:
While not an especially rare example (my Legio IIII and XVIII Lybicae are more along those lines), I think it is a good example of what one can expect to stumble across in stores and online in this type.

:drop2: Next, we have a Roman Republic denarius of M. Sergius Silus:
Marcus Sergius Silus is a fascinating historical character and his descendent of the same name minted coins in his honor. A soldier in the Second Punic War, he escaped captivity and is one of the first known people to use a hand prosthesis. Here is he depicted riding on horseback carrying the head of a Gallic soldier. Like I said, quite the historical character. Note that this coin is also a Forvm purchase!

:drop2: Finally, I wanted to share the first surprise silver coin I found in an uncleaned lot, a denarius of Septimius Severus:
Silver from uncleaned lots is really rare, but it isn't as if this coin has any exceptional value or quality. However, it was a fun to brush away some mud after a long soak and see silver below. My gallery has many other examples of the more typical late Roman bronze finds from uncleaned lots.

I hope you will enjoy my gallery or find it useful in some way. I'll update it periodically and happily answer any questions if they come up!


very nice

Huzzah!  It’s Show and Tell.   +++
I admire your focus. I think you nailed it:  The ‘storylines’ for the Republican and Imperatorial coins are ever so rewarding.

Nice work!

Jay GT4:
Oh yeah!


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