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Needle Tip Knife AE


Dear friends,

I wanted to share with you this needle tip knife AE, which I find very interesting because of the connection it has with the Xiongnu Huns, whom I like to research and study. This item is Zeno #215235 from my collection hanging on the wall.

China, Zhou 周, Eastern Zhou 770-255 B.C., Spring & Autumn period 770-475 B.C., Needle Tip Knife AE
7.04 g, 144 mm, ca. 600-400 BC

Needle type knife money was unknown until 1932 when a hoard was unearthed at Chengde in Hebei Province. Some other later hoards have also been found in this area. Probably produced for trade between the Chinese and the Xiongnu (Huns) who occupied the northern area at that time. Many different types noted Hartill describes 5 types.

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