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Parthia, Artabanos II. or Gotrazes II. ?

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Parthia, Artabanos II. or Gotrazes II. ?

I attributed as an Artabanos II. but I'm not sure some of you maybe help me.

Parthia, Artabanos II. (10-38 A.D.), AR-Drachm, Sellwood 63.6., Archer right on throne, #1

Parthia, Artabanos II. (10-38 A.D.), AR-Drachm, Sellwood 63.6., Archer right on throne, #1
avers: Bare-headed, left, w/4-strand diadem, 2 loops, and 3 ribbons, medium-long, almost straight hair, mustache, medium-long square-cut beard, earring, 3-turn necklace, dotted border 9 - 15h.
reverse: Archer, right, on the throne, w/bow in the vise-like outstretched hand, below bow monogram, the 7-line Greek legend: BΛCIΛEΩC BΛCIΛEΩN ΛPCΛKOV EVEPΓETOV ΔIXAIOV EΠIΦΛNOYC ΦIΛEΛΛHNOC.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 18,2-20,0mm, weight: 3,73g, axes: 0h,
mint: Ecbatana, date: 10-38 A.D., ref: Sellwood 63.6., Shore_341, Sunrise 412_(Artabanos IV.),



Hi quadrans,

I would strongly argue for Artabanos II., although the difference is often very hard to tell.  Gotarzes II. is supposed to have straighter hair than Artabanos and also a small horizontal line on his forehead which is often not easy to make out. If you look hard you can see the line on this image:

The difficulty with your picture is that it has the reflection of the photographer's downlight precisely in the area where a horizontal mark could be. Incidentally this mark is believed to be a variation of the royal wart that may Parthian portraits display from Phraates IV. (ca. 38 - 2 BC) onward.
But my money is on Artabanos II.


Hi, Schatz,

Thank you again for your valuable help.   +++

I'm starting to notice the differences... :) ;)

According to them, it was a good decision to make Artabanos II.   +++

 Best regards


Hi Quadrans, hi Schatz, + Google Trad if necessary

Dear Alwin,

Thank you very much this info.   +++

Interesting comparison beetween some ruler.




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