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Two interesting coins from Elymais,


Two interesting coins from Elymais,

Elymais, van't Haaff 17.2.1-1b, Arsacid dynasty. Orodes IV. (2nd half of 2nd cent. A.D. (undated)), AE-Drachm, Female bust, left, (Artemis?), #1

Elymais, van't Haaff 21.1-1, Unknown ruler, uncertain date, AE-Hemidrachm, Anchor, #1



Hello quadrans,

yes, they are interesting.  I particularly like the Orodes IV. facing series with the pretty lady on the reverse.  These kings must have been a frightful sight to behold - my absolute favorite villain is Kamnaskires-Orodes

Your second coin is a small hemidrachm, diobol or obol (who is to tell?) from the very late years of the empire when die cutting was no longer a priority.

Great that you are interested in this somewhat neglected area of the Parthian empire.


Hi, Schatz,

 Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciated... ;) :) +++

I'm interested in this kind of coin for a long time, the problem was I do not have any reference book for these coins,
 that was why I did not post earlier some of them.

Now, if I look in your Gallery and also the Bob (Robert L3) Gallery, I try to attribute them, (not always easy)... slowly I find some of them ...

I will post some soon...

Thank you help.  +++




I am always happy to see Elymaian cons posted to the galleries. Stkp

Thank you   ;) +++



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