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PMah's Roman Gallery has Launched... Sort of...

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Hi folks, after several years of being an intermittent but very appreciative Forum participant, I finally got around to posting a gallery.

I started with Roman Republican struck bronze and silver, loosely defining the "Republic" to include some coins traditionally deemed "Imperatorial".

Most of these photos in these initial sets will be from the dealers, both due to quality and also because my own photos are single-sided and I have yet to master a rapid merge process.

There are many to come in this category, and I am working backwards from more recent acquisitions as those photos are better organized.  I also have to figure out an order that I like, although I will try to consistently include Crawford numbers in the titles.

Quite a few coins from Forum.

Next up is likely to be Roman Cast Coinage in a much, much smaller gallery.  Some very nice Julio-Claudians thereafter.

Constructive criticism is welcome; (frankly, even destructive criticism is at least communication about the hobby!)


Nice start PMah.  Keeep 'em coming!

excellent start!
it looks like you have a very nice collection going PMah, and i'm anxious to see more.   :) 

~ Peter

Jay GT4:
Outstanding collection.  Can't wait to see what else you have

Dominic T:
Just one word: WOW !  You are also an example for guy like me who procrastinate about organizing their collection and posting a gallery !


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