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Author Topic: FORVM Certificates of Authenticy  (Read 3793 times)

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FORVM Certificates of Authenticy
« on: January 06, 2016, 09:18:33 pm »
Forum recently added the option for certificates of authenticity to our store checkout. The price is $3 per certificate, BUT here is a little secret - if you are a registered customer $2 for each certificate is rebated as Forum dollars. The net cost is only $1 per certificate if you order again within 90 days and apply the Forum dollars.

Certificates of authenticity are not important to most ancient coin collectors. Unfortunately, fraudulent fake sellers will often strongly emphasizes their certificates of authenticity as proof of authenticity. Experienced collectors also know that a genuine coin is itself the most important evidence of authenticity. When it comes time to sell, dealers don't usually ask for certificates of authenticity and the ex-Forum provenance and flip tag are just as good anyway.

So, why would anyone want a certificate of authenticity? We hope that for some collectors our Forum certificates of authenticity will enhance the pleasure of owning the coins. Our certificates include photos of the coin and all the information, the description, historical background, etc., that is on the website about the coin. We believe that many collectors will enjoy having this information at hand, printed on paper. Also, certificates are very popular for presentation along with coins given as gifts.

Our certificates are printed on plain paper and are not laminated.

The following links are to some sample Forum Certificates of Authenticity:
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