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Dear Friends,
     I am in the process of cataloging my ancient Egyptian scarab and amulet collection. My current bibliography consists of over 150 publications. Many of the world's great books on scarabs were written in German, French and Italian and they are all beautiful and important contributions to archaeology and Egyptology. Even some auction catalogues are useful as are the catalogues of bye gone collections. Here are a few:

1.     Ben-Tor, Daphna.   The Scarab: A Reflection of Ancient Egypt. Trans, Inna Pommerantz. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 1989. Text is in English.

2.     Beste, Irmtraut     Skarabaen, Corpus Antiquitatum Aegyptiacarum,  Kestner-Museum, 3 volumes, Hannover/Mainz, 1978/79. Text is in German.

3.     Jaeger, Bertrand   Essai de Classification et Dation des Scarabees Menkheperre, Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis Series Archaeologica 2, Fribourg/Gottingen, 1982. Text is in French. Just about everything you wanted to know about "Thutmose III scarabs".
     One day, I was researching one of my plaques in the British Museum and an assistant curator indicated to me that my plaque was published. She brought me Jaeger's book, and sure enough my plaque was illustrated and described - not to my liking, but that is another story. He even mentioned me in the Preface!

     If anyone would like a few more, I'll post them. It is not my intention to bore anyone to death.

Joe Sermarini:
You are not going to bore me!  I hope you create a member's gallery for your scarabs and ammulets.

Dear Friends,
     I noticed that some members are located in different parts of the world, so here are a few more reference books that might be of use.

     Eastern Europe produced some great Egyptologists. The late Svetlana Hodjash (I heard she died recently) and Joachim Sliwa are two in particular who come to mind. Svetlana was an international scholar and one of her works was published by Switzerland's Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis. I tried to purchase a copy of her book on scarabs when it first came out but was unable to do so. For her book on scarabs, see:
     Hodjash, Svetlana. Ancient Egyptian Scarabs, A Catalogue of Seals and Scarabs from Museums in Russia, Ukraine, the Caucus and the Baltic States, Moscow, 1999.

     Joachim Sliwa is a great Egyptologist working in Poland. I tried to purchase his books when they first were published but had no luck. They include:
     Sliwa, Joachim.  Egyptian Scarabs, Scaraboids and Plaques from the Cracow Collections. Warsaw/Crakow: Universitas Iagelloonias, 1985.
     ---     Egyptian Scarabs and Magical Gems from the Collection of Constantine Schmidt-Ciazynski, Krakow, 1989.
     ---     Egyptian Scarabs and Seal Amulets from the Collection of Sigmund Freud, Krakow, 1999.

     The great British scholar, John Boardman, wrote a book about scarabs that was published in Spanish, see:
     Boardman, John. Escarabeos de piedra procedentes de Ibiza. Madrid, 1984.

     For anyone interested in non-Egyptian scarabs - phoenician, Greek, Etruscan, etc. see Oxford University's Beazley Archive. It's online.
     For other rare books that seem impossible to access, see:
     The Hathi Trust Digital Library
     The Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database.

     I hope this helps,


Jakub Sliwa:

I would like to inform everybody that the books by Joachim Sliwa mentioned by Russ are available here:

Egyptian| Scarabs|, Scaraboids| and Plaques from the |Cracow |Collections $75.00
Egyptian| Scarabs| and |Magical |Gems from the |Collection of |Constantine |Schmidt-Ciazynski $50.00
Egyptian| |Scarabs and |Seal |Amulets from the |Collection of |Sigmund |Freud $35.00



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