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terrible gold fake... What do you think!

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It was bound to happen one of these times off ebay.  It just arrived 10 minutes ago and I went right to the scanner.  any thoughts on what to do?  this is a first for me...

~ Chiz

It looks like an overcleaned brassy roman provincial of Caracalla. Not gold, but probably not fake either. :)

Yes, apparently a genuine brass AE 25 of Caracalla struck under governor Quintillian at Marcianopolis, Lower Moesia, AMNG 646, pl. XIX.33 (apparently same rev. die as yours).

both sides have an "indent mark" and the bottom left looks like copper comming thru...  after reading some of the fake reports, this seemed to be a canidate... Am I wrong?  Thanks for all your help!

~ Chiz

Joe Sermarini:
The coin is genuine.  The type was only minted in bronze, never gold.  Most members of this board know that instantly on sight because the legends are Greek, the coin is large, the obverse is a Roman emperor - all that equals a bronze Roman provincial coin. 

The differences in color are typical of different cameras, scanners, lighting, etc.   Also, the coin probably a much brighter gold color immediately after it was cleaned (over cleaned).   

The indent mark is a common feature of provincial bronze from Marcianopolis and many other provincial mints.  They are also found on some Greek coins from Egypt. 

The conclusions you have made are very very common for new collectors.  A lot of our members reading your post probably thought to themselves that they had the same thoughts not long ago.  But after hanging around here a while, they know better. 


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