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Larissa, Please Confirm My Identification

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Virgil H:
Hi all,

I recently got a lot of unattributed coins from Thessaly. I am starting my identification process and this is the first one. I think it is a coin from Larissa, I am thinking SNG Cop 143 and I also found a reference as Rogers 294. If this isn't a Larissa coin, I am way off base. The letters on the reverse are quite difficult to read. My biggest worry is that this coin seems possibly underweight compared to most examples I found online.

This one is AE15 and 1.44 grams at 0 degrees.

Examples online I have found so far are AE16-17 and between 3.6 and 4.0 grams. These are Rogers 294 and SNG Cop 143 and 143.1
But there is one example identified as SNG Cop 143.1 that is AE14 and 1.78 grams.
Looking at the Sear Greek Europe volume, it also has one smaller bronze (AE12) with the head of the nymph and horse on the reverse facing opposite from my coin, but otherwise very similar.
I found Rogers online as a PDF and the reference of 294 does seem spot on, although 295 and 296 looks close, as well. I highly recommend this book, The Copper Coinage of Thessaly, by The Very Reverend Edgar Rogers, 1932, for anyone interested in these coins, based on my perusal of it so far, it is available as a scanned PDF with a link on Numiswiki.

So, I am thinking am on track here. Thanks for any comments.


Tracy Aiello:
Hi Virgil,

I think that you are definitely on track by attributing this bronze coin to Larissa. I checked my copy of HGC 4 and Denomination D (12 - 16mm, 1.99 - 2.3g) no. 535 looks very similar to your coin. No. 535 references Rogers 296 (which you also mention) as well as BCD Thessaly I Lot 1171.2 and BCD Thessaly II Lots 391.1 and 392.1-3. Check out the BCD references via NumisWiki and see what you think.

Regarding your suspicion that your coin is underweight I, unfortunately, cannot speak to that.

I hope that you’ve been doing well.


The book of Rogers can be found here:

BCD Thessaly I is Nomos auction 4 and can be found on acsearch:

BCD Thessaly II is CNG Triton XV and can be found on acsearch as well:



Virgil H:
Thanks Altamura, I downloaded the Rogers book previously and I find it very useful so far and believe I will be using it extensively for the coins in this lot. The second coin I have just glanced at is probably Larissa, but has nymph facing and rider on horse. I would really like to find a hard copy of this book and will look, but suspect it will be expensive. I will check out the other links you provided.


Virgil H:
Hi Tracey,

Thanks for your note. Seems these coins have a pretty wide range of both size and weight. I will check out those references you provided. I am doing well, hope you are as well.



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