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Vespasian the Younger COTD!

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David Atherton:
Acquiring a coin of Vespasian the Younger, Domitian's chosen adopted heir, has been a dream of mine for many years. A Flavian Grail coin if ever there was one! Finally, I was able to win a superb example last month at auction. It arrived this week and I'm absolutely thrilled!

Thank you for looking!

Very neat!  Grails in any hobby are always rewarding.  Thanks for sharing a picture!

Jay GT4:
This is a fantastic addition David.  Several years ago I bid on a Vespasian Jr but lost out.  This is an important coin, not only because of it's rarity but because of the history behind it.  Well done!  It belongs in your collection.

David Atherton:
Thanks everyone for the kind comments. It's such a thrilling coin to finally obtain!

Well done David. I am really pleased for you. I know what its like to eventually manage to get something you have been looking for for a long time.



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