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Menorah Seal - What is on the reverse (anything)? #3

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Joe Sermarini:
Menorah Seal - What is on the reverse (anything)? #3 (JD98656) 4.123g, 15.6mm

Is that something on the reverse? If so, what?

Other information? Refs.?  (I have not tried to research this yet.)

Thanks for any help you can provide. 

Hi, Joe.  This is the closest that I have.  Probably not much help but...

Joe Sermarini:
Hmm, I would expect, if it is anything at all, it wouldn't be a graven image, especially anything pagan.

Hi Joe,
These 3 Menorah seals all seem to be double-sided, but I can't make sense of the imagery on the rev for any of them. References are scarce. Still lists 2 examples in his thesis on Roman seals. The catalogue of the Vossen collection by Bill Dalzell and myself, which has just appeared, has 2 Menorah seals (nos 181-182), both with blank reverses. And there are a couple to be found in the regular sales databases of course.

Joe Sermarini:
Thanks Gert.

I just ordered your book, added a Boersema-Dalzell page to NumisWiki and added the book to the various applicable reference lists throughout the website. I am looking forward to getting it!


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