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FORVM Photos - Too Light, Too Dark, Just Right?

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Joe Sermarini:
On my screen, FORVM's photos look great. I have seen other screens that are darker or brighter and the coins don't look as good. I can adjust to a bit brighter or darker to match the majority. Hopefully this poll will let me know if a change is needed.

I do not find them too bright or too dark but invariably, every coin I have purchased has looked better in hand.

Might be worth adding a question asking what you view it on - laptop, phone or both.

Too me they are just right, but I only ever use a laptop.


Look “just right” on my PC, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy S9+ cell phone.

Virgil H:
Most coins look fine, but if there is ever a problem for me it is that they are too dark. But, generally just right. I use laptop or desktop only, never a phone or tablet. You could get your screen calibrated and there are some tools online that can get you close without needing to buy a calibration tool or taking it somewhere for that. These are known color and white/black blocks of color images you can then adjust your monitor settings for to get best look. That lets you know you are producing good pictures on your end, although you can never control how other people have their monitors set. My real issue is with the photos of Lots, a pile of coins is really difficult to tell much from, especially when only one side is shown or there is overlapping. With lots, the zoom is not very helpful as it is with individual coins.



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