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Common Greek Coins Volume 1 by The Rev. A.W. Hands


I have what I think is a rare, perhaps forgotten book on ancient Greek coins --

Common Greek Coins Volume 1 - The Coinage of Athens, Corinth, Aegina, Boetian League, Alexander the Great, Achaean League and Lycian League by The Rev. A.W. Hands.  Spink & Son, London, 1907.  Softcover, approx 10" tall.  170 pages.

I see only one other copy listed on ABE (American Book Exchange) where I happen to sell books and it's listed for $75, and only a "Fair" copy at that.  My copy is ex-library, spine taped together, in other words a reading copy.  

I was wondering if any of you have this book and/or can attest to its rarity.  I think the ABE copy is rather newly listed, as I couldn't find this title there previously.

Oh, I should note, written in pencil within is the note "Vol. 1 all published."



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