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Question Regarding A Pontius Pilate Prutah Coin


Eric C2:
There was a Pontius Pilate era Prutah coin which sold here a little while ago (see link below).

I am a newbie to this area (ancient coins) of the hobby (coin collecting), and am trying to understand the marketplace. Is it possible to learn what this coin sold for, without revealing the buyer's identity?

Joe Sermarini:
FORVM shop sales are private sales, not public auctions. The purchase price is the private information of the buyer. 

It is small business Saturday, please support the small business that supports you and your hobby.  Buy something from Forum today.  Thanks.  (Note: I will be making multiple posts of this small advertisement.)

Eric C2:
Sorry about that.

I thought it might be a safe question to ask, since I was just really inquiring what the original list price was for the coin, which would have been public knowledge at the time it was listed.

But again, my apologies. Thank you for replying.

Joe Sermarini:
It was OK to ask. No worries.


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