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Sorry about having to restart this poll but it was mis-categorized and that could have unfairly influenced the vote.  This site is actually up for the "Forvm Award For Classical Studies", an award that is for sites with not much or any numismatic aspects to it but is still a good general educational tool for students of ancient history.  Please vote or vote again,

Kevin  8)

   8) Well done !

LB's site is also great for checking hairstyles etc of empresses, when you can't quite make out the legend.

Crikey, I didnt even know id been nominated until i got the award email. :-[ Thanks everyone! :D
                                   LordBest. 8)

 Ah... caught you LB! If you didn't know you were nominated until you got the award, it means you haven't been to this thread and haven't been voting!! Shame on you Aedile Minores. I trust we shall see you casting your lot with us more often ???  8)


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