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I am currently looking for copies of BMCRE I & II and would prefer the latest editions/reprints.  I know that BMCRE I & II were both reprinted in 1976.  Have there been any reprints since 1976?


David Atherton:
No, I believe there hasn't been any newer editions of the BMC volumes since the 70's. I asked the same question a while back myself!

I've read though that the 1966 reprint of the BMC II has better quality plates than the later reprint from the 70's.

I only have the 1966 edition and have not seen the "latest" one, so I can't say for sure if that's true or not. In any case the plate quality in the '66 version is pretty good.

But get them if you can...the introductions are worth the price of admission alone!

Thanks David!

Do you (or does anyone else) happen to know how extensive the corrections and additions were to the 1976 editions to BMCRE I & II?  

Thanks again!

       I have the 1976 reprint of Vol. II.  Unfortunately there is no introduction stating the nature and extent of the additions and corrections.  Only the notice "Second edition prepared by R.A.G. Carson" on the title page alerts the reader that changes must have been made.
       I believe the main goal of the revision was to add new BM acquisitions of types previously absent from the collection.  
       When such a type had been recorded in the text of the old edition with an asterisk in the margin, that asterisk was changed to a number with letter, e.g. "226 A", the weight and die axis of the new spec. were added, and its provenance was stated in a footnote.
       Other new BM acquisitions have been added to the ADDENDA on pp. 425-34, increasing its length by about one page.
       No new pages or plates were added, excluding the possibility of more extensive revisions.  For example Mattingly's misattribution to Tarraco of a slew of Rome-mint bronze coins of 71 AD remains.

Thanks Curtis and David!  Now if I can only find a reasonably priced copy!



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