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Spectacular Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt Coins Added to the Shop


Joe Sermarini:
We have just added about 50 coins of the Ptolemaic Kingdom| of |Egypt  to our shop. Included are a couple very nice Cleopatra bronzes, 7 massive bronzes c. 70 grams, 14 huge bronzes over 40 grams, many choice and high grade coins, some spectacular patinas, and some of he finest busts of Zeus we have seen. The thumbnail images below can't do these coins justice, especially the the very large coins. No photo can capture the impact that massive size has when you hold a big Ptolemaic bronze coin in hand. We also lowered the price on most of the Ptolemaic coins that were in the shop before this upload. Even if you don't collect Ptolemaic coins, you might enjoy taking a look at these coins. Please click the thumbnails below to see larger images on our Ptolemaic Kingdom| of |Egypt pages.


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