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Roman Silver Coins vol II


I am able to buy a second hand a copy of Roman Silver Coins volume II - Tiberius to Commodus. It is the orginal 1954 printing. My question is this - is the book still useful? I realise the prices given will be completely out of date but then I ignore them anyway. What are the differences between it and the third edition of 1978?

I own the more up to date editions of volumes III, IV & V. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough but where on earth is Probus? Shouldn't he have appeared in the end of vol. 4 or the start of vol. 5?

Thanks for you input.


Anyone?  Surely somebody knows.

    Well, Claudius II to the antoniniani of the First Tetrarchs were left out of Roman Silver Coinage.  Originally the work ended with Postumus, Vol. 5 for the Late Empire was then tacked on in 1987.
    I haven't looked at the 1954 ed. of vol. 2 in ages, but I think a major revision of the work was carried out for the second ed. of 1968.  I still use that 1968 edition myself, basically all it's lacking are the interspersed photos of actual coins, but I'm not sure how up to date the 1954 ed. is.

Thank you once again Curtis. You're the man!


David Atherton:
I have the 3rd edition (1979) of RSC II and highly recommend it.

In this edition there are photographs of the coins sprinkled throughout the book by Frank Purvey; though not as many as you would think (only 34 coins are shown for Vespasian).

The pricing guide is useless. The prices quoted are in English pounds from circa 1968!

Sorry if this post is a couple of months out of date but I thought you would want to know what this later edition was like.


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