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Is this a roman armor fitting? No, horse harness part.


Kilian O:

The shape looks quite familiar but can't remember where exactly I saw it.

Cheers  +++

No, but it is part of 1st century AD Roman horse harness fittings.  It is hard to tell exactly what function/type of item (could be part of junction ring strap loop, strap end or weight, part of a hanger for a pendant, etc.) but the design is the so-called "waisted type" which was used from the Augustan period to the early second century.

Bits like yours are common finds on Roman cavalry sites occupied in the first century.


Kilian O:
Thanks shawn  :). It kinda looked similar to some armour fittings in Appels and Laycock but they have quite alot of misattributed things in there it seems.

They do have several misattributed items in there.

But it does look a bit like the 1st century lorica segmentation ties.  The large circles.  But the overall shape is different.



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