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Coin of the Day / Re: Tacitus Extravaganza
« Last post by Ron C2 on Today at 08:46:13 pm »
Ron and others with galleries and coin websites.
I don't always comment on gallery posts or on gallery pages themselves, but I am looking and am appreciative of all of  your efforts to do galleries, as well as Meepzorp's web site. If I ever figure out the photography thing, I will start a gallery myself. I am aware that people don't always know if people are looking at what they are putting up. I can tell you I look at the galleries a fair amount and appreciate the work it takes you to share with us.

Coin of the Day / Re: A denarius from Gordian I
« Last post by Tracy Aiello on Today at 06:44:43 pm »
Magnificent. Congrats.

Other Metal Antiquities / Re: Copper/copper alloy item
« Last post by otlichnik on Today at 05:24:20 pm »
Very similar sized and shaped items are "feet" or rests for bronze bowls from the Roman period.  One of the most common types is almost identical but has two small kidney-shaped eye-holes in it but solid ones exist too, so that is what I suspect yours may be.

The Members' Gallery / Re: Let's play a game based on Reference numbers
« Last post by Blayne W on Today at 05:24:01 pm »
Looks like this thread has been dead in a while, so I will skip over 149 and restart it with RIC 150,

RIC VII Siscia 150

Type: Head of Licinius, laureate, right
VOT/XX within a laurel wreath
MintMark: -/-//ASIS

Next up 151

Identification Help / Re: Antioch?
« Last post by Akropolis on Today at 04:34:31 pm »
Identification Help / Antioch?
« Last post by Rasmus B on Today at 04:26:09 pm »
I can't seem to find any standard RIC coin that has a reverse that begins w "Antiox", but i can't seem to find any RPC that does so either ... Not even w Antioch as the mint city.
And I find the obverse hard to decipher; it doesnt seem to me to be in greek letters - so now i'm asking for a hand.

21 grams,
28 mm

With hope, thx in advance for any and all suggestions
Identification Help / Re: AE with long snake-entwined (maybe) staff
« Last post by laney on Today at 04:17:10 pm »
Hi PeteB,

Neither obverse nor reverse legends really line up with coins from Tomis or anyplace else that I can find, especially with regard to the spacing of the letters.  I wonder if it's an imitative, or from some autonomous mint.  Very peculiar, especially since the portrait looks pretty good. 

Identification Help / Help with Greek AE22
« Last post by Tim M on Today at 04:08:15 pm »
Below is a Greek AE with what looks like Zeus on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. I've found potential matches from Pontos, Paphlagonia, and Bithynia, but without a legible reverse legend, I am stuck. I would appreciate any suggestions from you all who may catch something I've missed.

There is also a curious countermark just below Zeus' head which may start "TEA.." Any ideas on that countermark would also be much appreciated. Many thanks!

Diameter: 22.4 mm
Mass: 8.17 g

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