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Excellent coin! Quite a bit larger than the denars. +++
Thank you so much for creating this!
Just added this example of the PROFECT AVGG FEL reverse, RIC IVa 165a.  RIC lists it as scarce and there were no examples in Reka Devnia, which many times would put it more in the R1 category than S, but whatever.  It's not common, suffice it to say.

This example is decent, though a bit worn with a less than crisp reverse strike.  Given the relative rarity though, I'll take it.  I do love the horse-themed Septimius denarii... ;)

I also added this PROVIDENTIA AVG, which I think is RIC 491a and not RIC 92a, but am looking for confirmation in the ID sub-forum.  Pretty sure I'm right based on style.
I'm looking for help identifying this coin:

It is either RIC IVa 92a or 491a.  Both coins have identical obverse and reverse legends, so the difference would be only stylistic.  I've checked the plates for both coins in RIC, and I *THINK* it's 491a based on style.  The reverse rendering on the RIC 92a plate is lifelike, while 491a's plate is more stylized and anatomically disproportionate like my coin. 

RIC lists both types as common, and they both share the same Cohen number: 592. 

So basically I'm looking for attribution confirmation that this is indeed RIC 491a from Laodicea.
Identification Help / Re: I need help identifying this coin
« Last post by Andres M on Today at 06:28:54 pm »
Thank you for your replying!
Other Metal Antiquities / Re: Sword tip protector?
« Last post by otlichnik on Today at 05:41:34 pm »
Yes, I thought it did but didn't have my references present.

Nice piece.

Other Metal Antiquities / Re: Curious 3d eagle shaped artifact
« Last post by Mayadigger on Today at 05:37:28 pm »
Ave Shawn et all,

A few better photos of the same.

Thanks and best to all,

Greek Coins / Re: Rhytà depicted on Greek coins
« Last post by FEDERICO D on Today at 05:20:11 pm »
More photos of the rhytòn from the previous post
Greek Coins / Re: Rhytà depicted on Greek coins
« Last post by FEDERICO D on Today at 05:16:45 pm »
Silver rhyton found in an excavation in Taranto, dated to the end of the 5th-beginning of 4th century BC, now in the Civici Musei di Arte e Storia, Trieste, Italy
Great PRIMI DECEN coin there.  Based on the weight and other stats, I'm assuming an AR Denarius. 

My Latin is not what it should be, but I think the difference between VOTIS and PRIMI coins is that VOTIS coins demonstrate an emperor's devotion to another 10 years of service, while a PRIMI coin celebrates the completion of a 10 year period of rule - likely logged by years of power as the imperator.

Someone here likely knows for sure?
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All coins are guaranteed for eternity