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A thread for scarce and/or interesting GLORIA EXERCITVS soldiers & standards.

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Ayse T:

--- Quote from: seth on October 27, 2013, 03:53:58 pm ---This is a scarcer issue of the common soldiers & standards type:

OBV: CONSTANS IVN NOB C; laureate, draped, cuirassed bust in paludamentum r.
REV: GLOR – IA EXERC – ITVS; 2 soldiers with 2 standards in between them.
EXE: SMHB* Heraclea mint.
REF: RIC VII Heraclea 139, rated R5

It's an interesting early emission for Constans at Heraclea with the IVN titulature which should've been used for Constantine II. The pictures are the seller's.

--- End quote ---

Crazy coincidence but I've been stuck on (almost?) the same coin for a while now and I was actually on the forum to ask about that. The problem with mine is that rather than  letters, it seems that the "carvings" on the bottom of the reverse side are more of symbols like an Omega and probably an H and a T or an N. I was wondering if that happens often and what it actually means since I haven't found any examples of it online. After reading the quotes on the post, I've paid more attention to the other side, I believe that it's written Constantinus ii on the coin I have in my hands but I can't read the surroundings of the name (I can barely see OIS which I'm not sure of). But I've noticed that the bust looks quite young.


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