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A thread for scarce and/or interesting GLORIA EXERCITVS soldiers & standards.

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Here is another VM issue I found online:

Seth, you may be correct in not being noticed. My second example was wrongly listed. Regardless, these are scarce because Constantine II issue as Augustus are scarce. I have not seen many of these.

I don't think they are that scarce, I have had many and somehow decided none was worth keeping. Although if I would have come across a VM AVG, I would have kept it.
Constantine II continued the MAX AVG (before going for the PF AVG) of Constantine I so many get them confused. Thanks for the link, good eye ;)

I agree with Vincent that the CONSTANTINVS VM AVG coins from Heraclea are likely posthumous coins for Constantine I.  RIC notes that this is possible and presents the VM as Victor Maximus idea.  Guido Bruck suggested that the VM was for Venerae Memoriae.  Personally, as the closest parallel is the CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG issue at Aquileia I like the Victor Maximus option as it would be a closer parallel to that Maximus.  But we have no way of really knowing.

Sadly I own neither a CII VM nor a Constans IVN.  Nice find Seth.


Seth, check out a Forum thread here on the topic of Constantine II as Augustus.
I can attest the Heraclea "VM" issue is very scarce/rare. I spent years attempting to acquire one of these and was lucky to come across the two I found. The second one was by chance.
I agree that we may never know the real meaning of the letters. Perhaps one day some research numismatist will come up with the answer. Perhaps the type of headband, like at Aquileia< is the key to the answer?

Hehe, Vincent, thanks for reminding me. I reread both the posts about Constantine II (as i read my own back then comment on one of them I could actually remember writing it, which is so consistent - I tend to remember even the most inconsequential thing that happened long ago but some important daily things somehow evade me) with pleasure.


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