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Unusual Macrianus antoninianus

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Luuk S:
Hi all

Today i received this antoninianus of the usurper Macrianus.
It looks odd to me, the bust on the obverse looks quite crude and the lettering is not typical for the Antioch or Samosata mints.
More interestingly, the reverse shows the seated Jupiter (again crudely made), with a crescent (?) in the left field and the star in the right field.
All examples for RIC 9 i found don't have a crescent in the left field, but have the star in the left field.
I think it might be a contemporary imitation, or just made by a bad engraver. As the spelling is correct, i don't think it is a barbaric imitation.
Let me know what you think!

gr Luuk

Obverse: IMP C FVL MACRIANVS PF AVG, radiated bust to right
Reverse: IOVI CONSERVA[TORI], Jupiter seated, holding sceptre and patera, eagle at foot. Crescent (?) in left field, star in right field
Weight: 2.98 g
Diameter: 22 mm
Struck: ca. 260-261 AD, eastern mint
Axis: 0600 h

Since an article published  in the NC of 1954, it is usually recognized that the usurpers Macrianus and Quietus had two mints at their disposal : Antioch and Emesa (characterized by a rough style).

Luuk S:
Thank you, i didn't know that!
I've found a similarly crude style antoninianus of Macrianus, also with crescent - star acros fields, see below
According to the description it was indeed probably struck at Emesa. They appear to be quite scarce though.

My Macrianus obverse also looks pretty much the same:

I've a collection of 11 coins of Macrianus and Quietus in my FORVM gallery,  including an example of the secondary mint Iovi under discussion.

It is not listed in RIC but,  more significantly,  not listed in MIR. The joy of the numbering system in MIR allows for missing types to be accommodated.  It would be 1735p in that volume had Goebl encountered it.

The coins of the cruder,  secondary mint can be grouped into three series,  depending on the field marks observed.  Below is a draft unfinished arrangement of the mint,  with MIR references.

I have been working on preparatory notes to publish a paper on the revolt and coinage of these two characters,  but that is some way off.




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