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Hello again everybody. I have been looking for a good book on the coinage of Trajan, but I have not found any at all. I know that Spink was meant to release The Roman Imperial Coinage volume of Trajan written by Woytek soon, but isn't there an earlier version of that book somewhere that I could look at or buy? The lack of books on the coinage of Trajan is saddening to me since he is such a important and well loved emperor during the height of the Roman Empire. If any of you have better knowledge on the upcoming new addition to the Roman Imperial Coinage book series or of any books regarding the Coinage of Trajan in general that would be great. Thank you all and have a wonderful rest of your week.

Victor C:

Woytek, B. "Die Reichsprägung des kaisers Traianus (98-117)". MIR 14. (Vienna, 2010).

Awesome. Thank you for this good recommendation. I know that there is supposed to be an updated version made by Woytek in the future for the Spink series if I am correct, but I don't know when it will be released (hopefully soon). I did just find this coins book about Trajan that seems to be really interesting. Most of the series of these books are in Italian, but the one on Trajan is translated to English. I just bought them from an Italian book company alongside the other books in the series on Hadrian's coinage, Octavian Triumvirate, and Augustus Principate. The book series is written by Danielle Leone and it's a super interesting series. I would recommend it to anybody who know Italian or is willing to translate it as I am doing. I currently have the Augustus Principate coin book in hand when I went to Rome this past summer and it has stunning color visuals of the coins and even a fold out map of the Julio-Claudian dynasty in the back. Here is a picture of the Trajan coin book. I hope it will turn out to be a fun book once I get it in the mail. I believe there is other books in the series on Nero in English and one on Septimius Severus' coinage as well. The next upcoming book looks like it will be the coins of Marcus Aurelius. Thank you and have a great day.

If you are looking for a popular book describing the historical background of Trajan's coinage, maybe one day an English version of mine will be published :-) ("Empire in full splendor. Trajan's coinage as a chronicle of his rule"; I have no such plans yet, the last Polish edition from 2017 has 420 pages).

It is the seventh of ten books describing the Roman coinage from the fall of the Republic to the death of Marcus Aurelius in the form of a story.

Awesome book. Where would I be able to buy it? I mean the books I bought that I showed a picture of above are all mainly in Italian except for the Trajan and Nero issues, but I still bought them. I may not speak Polish, but I can certainly try and translate it or just use the book as reference. Thank you for showing me this book; it sounds interesting. I love any type of book that focuses on the coinage of Trajan since that is my area of expertise and collecting. I hope you have a great evening.


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