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Rome FEL TEMP REPARATIO phoenix type


I received this ugly but interesting coin today.
Obv: D N CONSTAN_TIVS P F AVG pearl-diadem, draped, cuirassed bust left
Rev: FEL TEMP REPARATIO Phoenix on mound, RT in ex
I have been collecting FTR coinage for over a decade and this is the first phoenix coin from the Rome mint I have been lucky enough to acquire. As a bonus Ric does not list this variation, it lists 'on mound' and 'on globe' with a star in left field but only 'on globe' without the field mark.
I would love to see some other Phoenix types from the Rome mint if any of you have one.

Victor C:
Congrats on a tough type to find. Below is a picture from Failmezger's "Roman Bronze Coins: From Paganism to Christianity 294-364 A.D."

Very nice coin.

Neat flames from the top of the pyre/nest.

I think yours may have a very faint star in the upper left....



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