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Constantius II

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Flav V:

On this coin there is a hole or mark in left field,  :Greek_Gamma: or  :star:. The break FEL TEMP REPARATIO seems not listed on RIC, only with no mark in field.

Im sorry if i ask a lot on used coins. Im trying to rank everything and note it. I dont want to loose a unlisted coin to reference.

Thanks, (obviously Pekka K should be the first to reply   ;)

Pekka K:

Reverse seems to read: SPES REI PVB...

Pekka K

Flav V:
Its the horseman type, im sure its FEL TEMP REPARATIO.

Maybe it is RIC VIII Alexandria 78, B

with sign "dot S dot"

br Laurentius

Flav V:
The form on left can be a S but no trace of dot.


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