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Nigrinian Ant


lawrence c:
Thought I might share a Nigrinian ant that I just added to my gallery. It's not exactly primo, but the obverse is not too shabby.

Description: Divus Nigrinian. Died ca. A.D. 284. AE antoninianus (21 mm, 3.05 g, 6 h). Rome mint, 1st officina. 5th emission of Carinus, November A.D. 284. DIVO NIGRINIANO, radiate head right / CONSECRATIO, eagle standing facing, head left, with spread wings; KAA in exergue. RIC 472; Cohen 2; SRCV 12411. Ex Münzen und Medaillen GmbH 46 (15 February 2018), lot 1067; Ex Dr. K. Bech Collection (Peus 413, 29 October 2014), lot 534. Agora Auction 102, Lot 187.

Joe Sermarini:
Nice portrait.


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